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Division of Service and Support


Article 1: Functions

The Division of Services and Development Support is a division under the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion which assists the Director to carry out functions and tasks of the Center as assigned by the Minister of Science and Technology

Article 2: Tasks

  1. The Division of Services and Development Support has following tasks
  2. Implement advisory services
  3. Exploiting and implementing services as: training, promoting and organizing conferences, seminars
  4. Exploiting and implementing service of organizing oversea mission
  5. Implementing activities of assessment the level and capability of integration of organizations and enterprises according to the functions and demands
  6. Supporting other units of the Ministry of Science and Technology in developing cooperation activities and international integration of science and technology on demand and allowable
  7. Conducting other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors

Article 3: Organizational Structure

  1. Managers of the Division including Head of the Division and Deputy heads of the Division
  2. Head of the Division is responsible for entire operation of the Department, before the Law, and to the Director for the assigned tasks
  3. Deputy heads of the Division, who assist Head of the Division, are responsible before the Law, to the Director, and to the Head of the Division for the assigned tasks
  4. Head and Deputy heads of the Division may be appointed to perform tasks as a specialist
  5. Human resources of the Division: public employees, contract employees and collaborators

Article 4: Implementation provisions

  1. The Decision takes effect on the signature date and may be adjusted and modified if not suitable during the implementation process
  2. Head of the Division, public employees, and other staffs of the Division are responsible to implement this Regulation.

Source: VISTIP