10-24-2023 | 9:46
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International integration in the digital era: towards sustainable development

At the event “Nikkei Digital Forum in Asia 2023” taking place on October 24, 2023 in Hanoi, Ms. Bui Thi Huy Hop – Deputy Director in charge of the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Integration Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) belonging to the Ministry of Science and Technology – participated as a speaker at the Keynote panel discussion with the topicNew ASEAN-Japan Cooperation in the Digital Age: Solving Social Issues and Ensuring Supply Chain Sustainability through Data Collaboration”

The year 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of cooperative relations between ASEAN and Japan. Over half a century, ASEAN and Japan have become important partners, bringing great benefits to both sides.

Currently, it is impossible to deny the strong impact of digital technology on all aspects of socio-economic life. Digital technology and digital transformation bring positive values and great opportunities for development, but at the same time come with many challenges. Digital transformation will destroy some traditional jobs but create many new jobs. The mass of unskilled workers, office workers, accountants… will enter a period of harsh challenges. In addition, some occupations that attract many workers in the coming years will focus on the fields of information technology, digital infrastructure, health care, high technology… To solve these problems, it is required the participation of the entire society, and at the same time need to mobilize international resources. And cooperation between ASEAN and Japan on human resources, including human resource training, is one of the useful measures.



Ms. Bui Thi Huy Hop (far right) and representatives from Japan, Thailand and Malaysia participated in the Keynote Panel discussion at the forum (Photo by VISTIP)

Participating in this Nikkei Forum, the leader of VISTIP introduced and shared with delegates the VISTIP’s key function that is to assist the Minister of Science and Technology to research and develop international integration in science and technology, with main tasks such as: i) Research and provide theoretical and practical basis to promote international integration in science and technology, carry out cooperative activities research with domestic and foreign partners; ii) Consulting and supporting domestic and foreign individuals and organizations in international cooperation and integration in science and technology; iii) Build a database for international integration in science and technology; Carry out investigation and survey activities on science and technology needs nationwide; and iv) Organize events, conferences, and seminars to promote science and technology; fostering and training courses on knowledge and skills for international integration in science and technology. At the same time, the results of VISTIP’s cooperation activities with international partners to support the integration of the domestic scientific communities were also introduced and got the attention of many delegates. In particular, the project called AI Green Doctor which has been conducted by VISTIP and its both domestic and foreign partners since 2019, is expected to bring positive effects, contributing to promoting the process of digitalization and development of high-tech agriculture in Vietnam, while also solving the problem of labor migration to the digital technology area. To achieve expected results, at this forum, Ms. Hop also emphasized the need and called for more supports and diverse participation of organizations and individuals interested in the field that the AI GreenDoctor Project is focusing on – applying emerging technologies to serve green economic development and green jobs.

Also participating in the discussion session were representatives from Keio University, Japan Internet Initiative, Thailand National Innovation Agency, Malaysia Investment Development Agency and Nikkei. With digital technology developments taking place globally, cooperation between ASEAN and Japan in digital transformation can extend beyond data, emerging technology management and human resources. The key to cooperation between ASEAN and Japan in digital transformation will be equal partnership. By working together, ASEAN and Japan can help slow or even reverse the digital fragmentation currently spreading globally.

The “Nikkei Digital Forum in Asia” was a science and technology event organized by Nikkei Inc. and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. with the participation of representatives of businesses and organizations from ASEAN countries and Japan. Besides the Keynote Panel with topic of ASEAN – Japan cooperation, there were  03 break-out sessions on Social & Industrial DX, DX Human Resources, and Green transformation in the forum.

Source: Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Integration Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP)