09-20-2023 | 13:09
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Building a cooperative triangle on science and technology, innovation and trade in high agtech and foods industry among Vietnam, United States and Australia

October 16th, in Ha Noi, with the consent of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s leaders, the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization promotion (VISTIP) and the United State Vietnam Business Council (UVBC), with support from the Australia Vietnam Business Council (AVBC) have successfully organized an international forum on high agtech and foods industry in Vietnam.

Attending the Forum were representatives of both international and Vietnamese businesses in the fields of high agtech and agricultural import and export; organizations and individuals interested in and capable of supporting the development of high-tech agriculture, foods industry and import and export of agricultural products.


Delegates attending the Forum

The forum was an opportunity for Vietnamese and international businesses, organizations and individuals to introduce high-tech products applied in agriculture; provide the current status of high-tech agricultural development in Vietnam; Introduce technology trade opportunities and solutions for import and export of agricultural products; exchange, seek for suitable partners, develop cooperative projects deployed high technologies and associated with import – export of agricultural products.

Speaking at the Forum’s opening, Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop, Deputy Director in charge of VISTIP, said that in Vietnam, high technology application in agricultural production and foods processing is identified as a fulcrum and push for agriculture.  Policies and laws on the application of high technology to serve socio-economic development are increasingly improving, and are integrated into specialized laws on investment, land, corporate income tax, and import – export taxes. Thanks to the application of technology, it has brought positive effects, promoting socio-economic development and ensuring national defense and security. In the field of agriculture, high and advanced technologies have been and are being applied in each stage or in the entire production chain (from research and selection of crops and animal varieties; planting, taking care, and cultivation techniques; post-harvest processing and preservation techniques), to bring added value to agricultural products, helping Vietnam become one of the leading countries in agricultural and forestry exports.

With the newly established comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and the United States, Mrs. Hop commented that science, technology and innovation have become one of the pillars of the bilateral partnership. With the potential for economic – trade – investment cooperation, the two sides agreed to create favorable conditions and open markets for each country’s goods and services, support trade, economic and social policies prescribed measures to achieve the above goal.


Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop, Deputy Director in charge of VISTIP spoke at the Forum.

Mr. Ralph Bean, Agricultural Counselor of the United State Embassy in Vietnam, said that agriculture is an important field in the strategy to develop bilateral relations between the United State and Vietnam. Agriculture is Vietnam’s leading export sector, greatly affecting the production process and economic development, so the two sides need to discuss and focus more deeply to develop this field. The United States hopes to support Vietnam more so that Vietnamese agriculture can truly develop further in both technology and commercialization. The United States has projects to help Vietnam improve issues of climate change, greenhouse gases, environmental pollution, reduce production costs and bring high productivity. Mr. Ralph Bean hopes that Vietnam’s agriculture will develop at an even faster pace, creating opportunities for investment and cooperation between the two sides. Along with that is the connection with other factors in agriculture.


Mr. Ralph Bean, Agricultural Counselor of the United State Embassy in Vietnam 

delivered the Remarks at the Forum.

Speaking at the Forum, Mayor of Port Hedland city in Western Australia, Australia – Mr. Peter Carter expressed his interest in connecting and building trade cooperation programs in science and technology, especially technology. Renewable energy and green technology serve to realize Port Hedland’s vision of becoming Australia’s leading port city, while also ensuring cultural, environmental and community sustainability. Attending this Forum, he also hopes to establish specific cooperation activities to support Vietnamese SMEs interested in investment and operation opportunities in Port Hedland city.


Mr. Peter Carter, Mayor of Port Hedland city in Western Australia, Australia, spoke at the forum.

At the Forum, two discussion sessions took place on the development of high-tech agriculture and opportunities to export Vietnamese agricultural products to international markets.  Speakers were experts and managers from both government and private agencies in Vietnam, the United States and Australia.  Attendees were updated on the development and application of technology in the agricultural sector in Vietnam and the world;  and opportunities as well as challenges that agricultural import-export businesses may encounter.  In addition, the Forum also provides delegates with many networking sessions in Hanoi to identify and develop opportunities for cooperation, import and export of agriculture and foods.


Delegates discussed in 02 discussion sessions

Talking during the discussion session, Dr. Tran Nguyen, Vice President of the Australia-Vietnam Business Council (AVBC) said that AVBC also supports the Aus4Innovation program in which Australia and Vietnam cooperate together to explore technology fields and emerging digital transformation, testing new models for partnerships between public and private sector organizations, and strengthening Vietnam’s capacity for digital foresight, planning scenarios, commercialization and innovation policies “We must build a continuous dialogue among the business partners present here today regarding Agricultural & Food Technology Development in Vietnam; ensure that businesses play an active and influential role in developing bilateral trade opportunities for Vietnamese, Australian and US small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and providing opportunity for better agricultural operations to effectively manage production, save production costs and create better productivity for Vietnamese farmers, we must ensure that technological agriculture will be encouraged and implemented. Smart farms across Vietnam with the support of UVBC and AVBC”, AVBC pledges to work side by side with VISTIP and partners to learn and propose to localities to develop a number of high-tech agricultural projects, like Lang Son… Ms. Tran Nguyen said.

Also at the Forum, Mr. Joe Trung Trinh, Chairman of UVBC, shared a number of opportunities to develop high-tech agriculture and food industry; opportunities to import woods from the United States to produce furniture products then export finished products back to the United States and other potential trade opportunities. Mr. Joe Trung Trinh emphasized that diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United States have reached new heights, and the SMEs partners of both sides need to give each other opportunities and pursue goals for common prosperity, as well as each ones.

Speaking at the Forum’s closing, Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop and Mr. Joe Trung Trinh expressed their appreciation for AVBC’s companionship, affirming that the three parties will always be a bridge to help Vietnamese and international organizations and businesses connect closer together, enhancing understanding and promoting international cooperation and integration in science and technology; Acknowledging the efforts of both VISTIP and UVBC to use available resources in difficult conditions, but with the close coordination of the Australia-Vietnam Business Council (AVBC), and Sponsorship for the Forum from the Australian city of Port Hedland, the US company Digital Harvest and the Vietnamese brand Lotus Tea (Trang Carol), together successfully organized the first international Forum with cooperation of organizations from 3 countries: Vietnam – United States – Australia.19.10.1

Delegates took commemorative photos at the Forum

On the sidelines of the Forum, trade connection activities between organizations/businesses took place to clarify and deepen scientific and technological cooperation opportunities in high-tech agriculture and foods industry.


Exchange cooperation opportunities on the sidelines of the Forum between organizations/ businesses of Vietnam, the United States and Australia.


Source: VISTIP