07-25-2022 | 10:36
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Online meeting for developing cooperation activities between Centre for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) and Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI)

On 23rd June 2022, VISTIP and CABI co-hosted online meeting by Zoom platform. On the side of VISTIP, Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop– Deputy director in charge and representative of the functional divisions; and on the CABI, Mr. Feng Chang, regional director of East and Southeast Asia, and Mr. Muhammad Faheem, Integrated Crop Management Advisor, coordinator of Plantwise program in Vietnam.

In the meeting, Mr. Feng Zhang, as the new role is regional director from early 2022, wanted to know more about Vietnam Science and Technology system, along with cooperation activities of VISTIP and partners since he hasn’t visited any partners due to the Corona virus pandemic. VISTIP introduced information, functions, as well as strengths, the priority issues to launch cooperation. Among that, both two sides focused on looking back the specific activities in the pass, as well as activities of the both sides in the future, especially in the restricted time of covid-19 pandemic, when the activities only be delivered online.

Both sides discussed the potential and strengths of VISTIP (source: captured from Zoom by VISTIP)

Mrs. Bui Thi Huy Hop, on behalf of VISTIP, announced that S&T research mission “Research and apply plant doctors platform (AI Green Doctor) to manage the farming and cultivation of longan trees in the direction of smart agricultural production in Hung Yen province” has been launched and runed by local budget. In general, the needs is large while the budget is limited, therefore, VISTIP hoped to work with CABI to support to Vietnamese farmer. Mrs. Hop suggested CABI that AI Green Doctor should be accounted for Plantwise Plus to mobilize the annual budget from this program.

Cooperation activity point of VISTIP-CABI in Vietnam (source: captured from Zoom by VISTIP)

On the CABI, Mr. Feng Zhang was very grateful for the useful update from VISTIP and highly appreciated all the work that VISTIP have done so far. Mr. Feng Zhang pressed the commercialization capability in the future of AI Green Doctor, which created by VISTIP, CABI, and BOM software. He felt happy when AI Green Doctor has been well received from local farmer community in Vietnam, and impressive when it is free for end users, and it really looks like a public goods. Mr. Feng Zhang hoped that this app can mobilize budget sources to tap its ability.

Mr Feng Zhang Regional Director of East and Southeast Asia (source: captured from Zoom by VISTIP)

Mr. Muhammad Faheem, Integrated Crop Management Advisor, noted that this online meeting is the next step to develop the co-operation for detailing activity programs from 2019 to present. Mr Faheem highly appreciated the efforts of VISTIP and BOM software to push activities to realize AI Green Doctor in Vietnam fruit planting areas.

Mr. Muhammad Faheem, Integrated Crop Management Advisor of CABI, proposed the next step to implement cooperation between VISTIP and CABI in future (source: captured from Zoom)

The representatives enthusiastically discussed on activities between VISTIP and CABI, which have been carried out; Besides, both sides mapped out long term plans in launching broadly, focus on the advantages of both, as well as emerging issues like applying cutting edge technology, Innovation, Building and sharing database on related expert, international organizations.

Both of sides agreed signing MOU to have full legal aims to push and launch programs which CABI and VISTIP suggested in Vietnam in the coming time.

Source: VISTIP