02-21-2019 | 9:59
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The Center for Vietnam Science and technology internationalization promotion (VISTIP) has received and worked with MITO-U Company under the Toyo Engineering Group – Japan

On 19/02/ 2019, at the office of  Ministry of Science and Technology – 39 Tran Hung Dao street, Ha Noi, Mr. Bui Quy Long – Director of the Center for Vietnam Science and technology internationalization promotion (VISTIP) has received and workedwith the delegation from the MITO-U Company under the Toyo Engineering Group – Japan


Goup photo: Mr. Bui Quy Long and representatives of MITO-U / TOYO Company

The delegation of MITO-U Company working with VISTIP consists of two delegates: Mr. Fushihara Hirota – Senior Advisor and Ms. Bui Hong Duong – Director and Lawyer. On behalf of MITO-U Company, Mr. Fushihara Hirota introduced about the company as well as the company’s activities in Vietnam and consulted for the Center on TOYO project (the project of the Waste Recycling Plant having a scale of 1,500 tons/day with a modern technology first introduced in Vietnam). The project was licensed by Hanoi People’s Committee to build a plant in Ta Thanh Oai commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi. On this occasion, the MITO-U representative also delivered the invitation of the Chairman of TOYO Group – Mr. Okada Yoshimitsu to the Director of  VISTIP to attend “The platform and orientation workshop on waste sorting and burn methane gas fermentation to generate electricity project technology and reports of analyzing waste composition in Hanoi area” will be organized by TOYO Group on February 26th 2019 in Hanoi.


Photo: Mr. Bui Quy Long shared about the opportunities and challenges that MITO-U / TOYO projects may encounter during deployment in Vietnam.

The VISTIP Director of VISTIP also gave many thanks to MITO-U for being the “first partner to enter VISTIP’s house with wonderful New Lunar Year’s Greetings ”  and  invite VISTIP to attend Workshop. Mr Bui Quy Long also has directly discussed the advantages and challenges that MITO-U might have when deploying the TOYO project in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. In order to make MITO-U / TOYO projects become highly feasible in the future, the VISTIP Director has proposed some cooperation opportunities between VISTIP and MITI-U / TOYO ..

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Fushihara and Mrs. Duong thanked and highly appreciated VISTIP’s consultant and hoped MITO-U will have a chance to cooperate with VISTIP through specific projects in the coming time.

         Source:  The Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion