08-24-2014 | 10:13
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The Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology received senior leader of Flinders University (South Australia)

With agreement of the leader of Ministry of Science and Technology, on 4th August, 2014, the Centre for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization Promotion (VISTIP) chaired the reception between the Minister and Flinders University’s delegation led by Professor Barber – President and Vice Chancellor of Flinders University.

In the meeting, Professor Barber introduced Flinders University’s research activities in Medical Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Physical Sciences as well as Australia activities in Science and Innovation Policy. He also expressed his hope in receiving Ministry of Science and Technology’s support, especially Minister’s in developing the cooperation between Flinders University and Vietnamese partners in the future.


Minister of MOST and Flinders University High ranked Representative

Within the framework of meeting, the two sides discussed about priorities in Science and Technology as well as potential collaboration in a joint research, medical sciences, training and managing Science and Technology human resources and Science and Technology Policy in Vietnam. Besides, it was mentioned that the Minister assigned VISTIP to participate in giving comments for consultation program on strengthening the relationship between Vietnam and South Australia. Currently, VISTIP has a relationship with some partners in South Australia including the University of South Australia through the MOU signing between VISTIP and this university.

At the reception, the Minister appreciated Professor Barber’s sharings about Flinders University’s activities in science and innovation as well as his experiences in Science and Innovation Policy. The Minister also proposed Flinders University to develop the cooperation with Vietnamese partners, particularly VISTIP and hoped that such cooperation could contribute to develop innovation activities in Vietnam.


The conference